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This page is all about meditation, relaxation, breathing techniques. If you think it's time to make a break and open your mind to the universe...


When you feel that something could be a threat for you, then stress occurs. Here is the mechanism of stress.
Your brain first analyses the problem and try to understand it. This is a positive reaction to stress. Then your thoughts are directed to the problem in question, then you fear. This is a negative reaction, you think but you don't act.
The second reaction to stress is not controlled by your brain, but a direct reaction from your body :
So what can you do then to face stress? There are a few things to do :


It is time now to think about relaxation, as a way of handling stress. The idea is to break the vicious circle where stress generates contraction, and contraction generates stress. Here is a very simple exercise that gives very good results. You can practice it in almost every situation, and this doesn't need to be very long : Repeat this exercise 3 times, and you'll notice that your cardiac pulsation decreases.


It can be easy to have a complete relaxation, with a 15 minutes exercise. The more you'll practice it, the more you're learn how to get relaxed very quickly. This is up to you... back to home page